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Kjell Schiöberg

Why Indoor Triathlon USA?

That time of the year, you need to be inside and I love racing.
So having an indoor event is fantastic!
I race so much, so I can train a bit less and still be competitive ;)

What brought me to Triathlon?

I wanted to do Ironman Hawaii.
So my first Triathlon was Ironman Canada.
One year later, I qualified for Kona at the Ironman South Korea.

Race Result Highlights

2014 USA Triathlon ALL American (Won 11 of 19 Races!)

Coeur D’Alene Marathon
1st Overall

Hayden Marathon
1st Overall (10 Marathon wins in total!)

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Jack Toland

Why Indoor Triathlon USA?

“Indoor Triathlon USA is the perfect off-season training test for high caliber athletes in
the cold and rainy Pacific Northwest. Additionally it is a great event to bring friends and
family to that may be hesitant to race in open water. The wave start scheduling makes
for awesome spectating! Unlike a typical mass start event, everyone gets the opportunity
to watch their friends, family, and competitors give their all! Not only are the individual
events fun, but the standardized format offers a great way to see how you stack up
nationally at the end of the season.”

What brought me to Triathlon?

16 year old Jack Toland has been a competitor in a variety of sports throughout his life.
But in 2012, (in just his first triathlon!) he had one of the best racing experiences
(in just his first triathlon!) ever and he was hooked. “Over the summer I progressed,”
Jack shares “racing more Sprint and Olympic distance races before taking a shot at the
Grand Columbian Long Course (70.3) in September. After finishing 9th overall with a time
of 5:20:40 on an extremely challenging course I decided I had found my testing grounds and passion.”

Race Result Highlights

ITU Age Group World Championship -Olympic Distance
1st Men’s Under 20 (11th overall)

ITU Age Group World Championship -Sprint Distance
1st Men’s Under 20 (6th overall)

Kirkland Triathlon
1st Overall

Lake Meridian Triathlon
1st Overall

Lake Sammamish Triathlon
1st Overall


Terri Friel

Why Indoor Triathlon USA?

Since I began doing triathlons 6 years ago at age 52 I have only recently kept a training program year round. Initially I only trained through the summer. Now I’m training year round by racing indoor triathlons and hoping to achieve a life goal of completing a full iron man in 2015. The indoor tris have been a great motivator to keep me getting up on cold dark mornings and to put an event in my calendar I have to prepare for early in the season.

What brought me to Triathlon?

My photo is a race finish from about 2010 that my daughter used on a birthday card for me. She is 24 and very proud of my accomplishments. My desire to be healthy after 50 and a bucket list item to compete in iron man brought me to triathlon but the fun, challenge and my daughters pride have kept me going.


Race Result Highlights

Lifetime Chicago Triathlon 2012
Top 10 National Qualifier

USA Triathlon Sprint Distance National Championships 2013

Ironman 70.3 Steelhead 2013
Qualified for World Championships

Ironman 70.3 World Championships (Las Vegas 2013)

Leon’s Triathlon 2014
1st Place in Age Group & National Qualifier


Kathy Micali

Why Indoor Triathlon USA?

Indoor triathlons U.S.A is a great way to inspire the first time triathlete, in a fun, safe and indoor environment. For the experienced athlete, it offers a great off season training and preparation for upcoming events. For spectators, it is a chance to watch your athlete compete in every event of the race for the whole duration! For the younger triathletes, it is the perfect way to get started!

What brought me to Triathlon?

I started racing as a challenge offered to me by a fellow cyclist in Las Vegas. After entering my first triathlon, at the Las Vegas Triathlon, and taking 3rd in my age group I was hooked! From that point, I progressed, racing more sprint and olympic distances and have completed eight 70.3 Ironman distances races. My husband and son both race, and we encourage and support each other in training and racing.


Race Result Highlights

Ironman AWA 2013

Double Down Series 2012
Rage and Pumpkinman Triathlon

1st Place

Kokopelli Triathlon 2014
1st place age group (2nd overall)

Las Vegas Triathlon 2103
1st place olympic distance


Deuvall Dorsey

Why Indoor Triathlon USA?

As a sophomore (2nd year) triathlete I feel this indoor triathlon is a perfect fit for me. I’m always looking for new and challenging events to participate in. I started riding bike last summer but have never used an indoor stationary or a trainer. The events timed distance data will be helpful information that I will utilize in my training. Striving for distance will be a nice change of speed.

What brought me to Triathlon?

June 2013 in the heart of a rainy Irish forest I hobbled through the last mile of my first ever marathon. I couldn’t run or walk. I hobbled hunched over like a man of great age crippled and dilapidated over the decades. All the while my mind was racing a million miles a minute. Voices inside my head were yelling and screaming, talking and whispering, telling me to go and to stop, telling me to run and to quit. Weakening spasms rotated throughout the muscles of my legs locking and cramping randomly. Other participants passing me on the course shot serious looks of concern (or possibly curiosity as I was told I was the only black guy to visit the small Irish town of Portumna in over a decade). As I made my way out of the forest rounding the corner that led to the finish I underwent a life changing out of body experience. When the fans came into view the voices in my head began to fall silent, one by one, replaced by the cheers of the crowd. A euphoric numbness filled my heart and coursed through my veins relieving all pain and discomfort. I straighten my back, lengthen my stride, and put my game face back on for the fans. It was the last 500 yards and the crowd went wild with each person I passed. With my final kick coming to a close and the finish line rapidly approaching something amazing happened. Both of my feet were lifted off of the ground and I began moving faster toward the finish. I felt a foot taller than I stand and I levitated forward effortlessly. The people vanished and I heard only silence. The chute was all I that I saw and just as I cross the finish line a shorter runner speeds up and sprints past me. Glancing down I’m shocked to see that the runner who passed me was ‘me’. I floated across the finish colliding into my physical self. The moment I was fully reunited with myself the word Ironman instantly came to mind. The word became etched and ingrained in my thoughts remaining ever present from that day to this one. All I knew back then was that the Ironman was a triathlon. Obtaining a bicycle was by far my greatest obstacle which I was only able to overcome by turning thoughts into things. I believed I could swim at the time but would later learn otherwise out in open water. To find out more visit my website Urfavoriteenduranceathlete.com

Race Result Highlights

Running From an Angel Half Marathon Jan. 2013
My 1st Half Marathon

Portumna, Galway Forest Marathon June 2013
My 1st Marathon

Desert Dash Bootleg Beatdown 10 mile Trail (Extreme Technical Difficulty) June 2014
1st Overall

Las Vegas Triathlon Club Sprint Sept. 2014
1st place Rookie

Las Vegas Triathlon (Olympic) Sept. 2014
My 1st ever Olympic Distance

Slam the Dam 2.4 mile swim Sept. 2014
My 1st ever Open water distance race

Pedal to the Medal Half Century Sept. 2014
My 1st time ever riding further than 36 miles

Ragnar Las Vegas Ultra Team Nov. 2014
My 1st Ragnar


Team Strive – Juniors (Batya, Hudson, Emily, Andy, and Havvy)

Why Indoor Triathlon USA?

Being able to do an early season triathlon is exciting. This event is going to allow us to work on putting all three sports together, especially coming out of High School Cross Country and Swim.

What brought me to Triathlon?

Do a triathlon with my parents. Be with my friends. It looked like fun Being in Kona and watching the Ironman Championship.

2014 Team Highlights

We had a lot of fun competing as a team in 2014 and enjoyed making new friends, traveling to races, and having so many people cheer us on.

Youth and Junior Elite Cup – Monroe (Draft legal triathlon)
National Qualifier

Youth and Junior National Championship 2014 (Draft legal triathlon)
Qualified & Participated

USA Triathlon Sprint Distance National Championship 2015

Pine Hollow Triathlon
1st Overall

Clackamas Cove, Dudes and Girlfriends, Best in the West, & Portland Triathlon
1st AG – Multiple

matt jennings

Matthew Jennings

Why Indoor Triathlon USA?

During the dark days of winter it’s easy for me to cut intervals short or eat an extra cup cake, knowing I’ll have several months to work it off. However, knowing that ITUSA offers multiple indoor triathlons(with national rankings) that I am training for, I have extra motivation to stay disciplined and push a little harder during every workout to perform my best on race day. Without competition in the off season, my baseline tests wouldn’t be pushed as hard or given my full mental preparation. With the encouragement of others racing alongside me, I am inspired to perform faster than I would by completing each discipline by myself.

What brought me to Triathlon?

I began racing triathlons when I enrolled at Northern Illinois University in the spring of 2011 on their club team, later becoming President for two years. In 2014, I was a member of Team INTENT and volunteered to help coach their youth team. I have also coached cross country and track the last two years at Mokena Junior High School, working with students with special needs. I am currently studying acting and improv at Second City Chicago and in the process of moving to Los Angeles to pursue a career in acting. My long term goal to open a non-profit organization focused on micro-finance in the developing world.

After always living a fit and relatively healthy lifestyle, there are multiple reasons why I have immersed my life into the sport. First, the camaraderie of everyone in the sport is one of the first things I loved. The support goes far beyond racing but encourages me to live a better life in everything else that I do. Second, triathlon has given me the opportunity to go out and help others achieve there goals. Working with children, my personal favorite moments are seeing the athletes accomplish their goals. Whether it is to run a mile without stopping or to win a race, I always enjoy being apart of it. My third(although I could go on forever) reason I tri is for the experiences. After many ups and downs, I have been fortunate to race all around the country, for two great teams, and meet a countless number of incredible people. Through the 5:30 am practices all summer or the 26 hour road trips, triathlon has given me more opportunities and great experiences than I could have ever had if I chose a different path.

Race Result Highlights

Competed at Four (4) USA Triathlon National Championships

2014 Team INTENT Elite team member

Chicago Triathlon Series – 1st place 20 – 24 age group

Multiple age group and overall wins


Liz Abbett

Why Indoor Triathlon USA?

My name is Liz, and I’m addicted to LSD.

Long, slow distance, that is. My comfort zone is right around 135 beats per minute. Spin class reduces me to a sniveling mess. Anything shorter than 70.3 makes me break out in a cold sweat—because I know that I can’t do well just by going long. I have to go fast. I have to stay focused. I have to get comfortable being uncomfortable. And, despite my fear of the pain cave, I know that the mental and physical lessons I learn from speed work and shorter races ultimately make me a better long-course triathlete.

For me, Indoor Triathlon USA: San Francisco is the ideal way to kick-start my triathlon season with that speed work I desperately need, wrapped in a fun, convenient package. No rigmarole of getting up at the crack of dawn to set up my transition area. No worries about sharks or aggressive seals. No falling over as I try to grab a bike bottle refill at an aid station. (Not that I’ve ever done that. Ahem.) And I’m excited to wear headphones so I can enjoy my perfect playlist of techno, hip hop, and 80’s hair bands.

What brought me to Triathlon?

I grew up swimming. I wasn’t terribly fast, but boy did I try hard. It was only into my late teens that I realized that I what I lacked in speed, I made up for in endurance. I ran my first marathon in college, and a few years later added biking into the mix, mostly for commuting. In 2006, I did my first triathlon, an all-women’s sprint, on my hybrid bike with flat pedals. (See, you can start with any equipment!) I had a blast, bought myself a proper road bike, and continued to do sprint and Olympic-distance races for a few years before making the leap to long-course events in 2011. Triathlon now a huge part of my life, thanks to my friends and training partners in the San Francisco Triathlon Club. I even started the Pure Energy Podcast, a triathlon show for athletes of all abilities, available at www.pureenergypodcast.com. Check out the episode that answers all your questions about Indoor Triathlon USA!

Race Result Highlights

3rd OA, Manassas Mini Tri, 2007
3rd AG, Napa Valley Vintage Half-Iron, 2011
6th AG, Full Vineman, 2011
2nd OA, Big Kahuna Aquabike, 2012
2nd OA, Big Kahuna Aquabike, 2013
25th AG, Ironman Lake Tahoe, 2013
8th AG, Escape from Alcatraz, 2014
6th AG, Oakland Triathlon


Gillian Forsyth

Why Indoor Triathlon USA?

“I find indoor triathlons to be a great way to benchmark your fitness as you are going into training season. Its a solid workout and gives you the motivation to start training earlier in the season than you otherwise would – plus it’s a great chance to practice combining all three disciplines on one day alongside a competitive race environment!”

What brought me to Triathlon?

“In 1998 at the age of 30 I was diagnosed with Type 1 diabetes, a life changing shock. But I used that as motivation to pursue a more active lifestyle and within one year of diagnosis I ran my first marathon and was hooked on running. Since then, I’ve completed over 20 marathons including Boston 3 times. I was also an avid mountain biker, so in 2006 I started taking swimming lessons so that I could take on a new challenge – Triathlon! I’ve since become a 3-time Ironman and certified USA Triathlon coach – using what I’ve learned to help motivate other triathletes. I particularly love to help fellow Type 1 Diabetics get into the sport!”

Race Result Highlights

3x Ironman Finisher (Arizona, Wisconsin, Texas)
1st in Age Group – Door County Triathlon
1st in Age Group – Super Bears Shuffle
1st in Age Group – Chicago Perfect 10
1st in Age Group – AIDS Run Chicago
1st in Age Group – Nike Run Hit Wonder
2nd in Age Group – South Shore Triathlon
2nd in Age Group – Centurion Wisconsin
2nd in Age Group – Chicago Blackhawks Mad Dash


More Team Strive

Are you interested in competing in the Indoor USA Triathlon?

Andrea: I would be VERY interested in Indoor Triathlon USA. It seems like a fun challenge and I like how instead of distance they do time so it will fit everyone’s pace. I also like how it’s indoors so if we get bad weather we can still have the triathlon go on. I’m interested in doing this indoor triathlon because it seems like a new and fun activity, since we practice in an indoor pool (most of the time) it would fit the environment that we practice in and I would feel more comfortable in the swimming pool.

Alyssa: I am interested in the Indoor Triathlon USA because I can see the bottom while swimming. Also, I am used to swimming in a pool, so it feels more like practice. This makes me more comfortable…and likely faster!

What is your favorite moment from the 2014 Season?

Andrea: One of my favorite memories from the 2014 season would be when we went to the Best in the West triathlon and one of my team-mates forgot their shoes. They still won first place overall by running in shoes she borrowed.

Alyssa: One of my favorite moments from the 2014 season is when Havvy, Andrea and I rode down the bike path at the Clackamas Cove.

Why do you like doing triathlons?

Andrea: I like doing triathlons because it isn’t just one sport but 3 all mixed together. That means that if you aren’t good at one of the 3 you still have the other 2, even though it’s probably a good idea to try and work hard at all 3 (swimming, running, and biking).

Alyssa: I do triathlons because it is exciting, and you don’t know what to expect, on your way there. The race itself is fun ( especially the bike), and getting a new course each time makes the miserable parts (the swim and run) a little more interesting. What I like about triathlons is that afterwords I can hang out with friends, coaches and family.