i55 Training Tips

Ultimately an Indoor Triathlon USA event, like any triathlon, is comprised of SWIM, BIKE and RUN segments. There are however, specific aspects that are unique to Indoor Triathlon USA. The following are both some general and specific tips to help you along the way.


Get to a point that you can exercise comfortably, at your own pace for 55 minutes. This is how long every Indoor Triathlon USA event is. We have found some sprint distance plans that are all more than suitable in preparing you for your first race. They are all free workout programs, easy to understand that should have you at a fitness level ready for race day:

  1. Twelve Week Super Sprint Triathlon Schedule
    This 12 week program really breaks it down in understandable terms with distances that correspond well to Indoor Triathlon USA racing.
  2. Tri Newbies Triathlon Training Plans and Programs
    Newbies Online offer an 11 week beginner program and an 18 week intermediate program for sprint distance events. Either one would have you ready for your first Indoor Triathlon USA event!
  3. Tri Radar Sprint Triathlon Training Programs
    TriRadar.com offer a variety of workout programs ranging from 4 weeks to 12 weeks. Choose the one that works best for you.
  4. Fitness Magazine’s 8 Weeks to Your First Sprint Triathlon
    The Fitness Magazine plan seemed to us the simplest, least fancy of all the programs we’ve listed.
  5. Irongirl 12 Week Training Program
    Here is a 12 week, well laid out plan designed with the beginning female triathlete in mind.


The Indoor Triathlon USA i55 course is always the same:

  • 10 Minute Pool Swim
    Its just you, your swim suit and your goggles, NO WETSUIT. The biggest advantage, outside of a strong efficient freestyle stroke, is knowing how to FLIP TURN. Here is a link that breaks it down nicely: Beginner’s Guide to the Perfect Flip Turn
  • 30 Minute Bike on Elite Qubo Trainer
    The Elite Qubo Trainer rides like a flat fast course. Your only resistance, like on the road, is your own body weight. Remember, you are using your bike. So practice on the bike you willbe using.A few suggestions:
    • While not mandatory, bike shoes will help you go faster and because you are given 5 minute transition free time to change, you should not lose time putting them on.
    • You are not riding outside so you will NOT need a helmet.
    • The more bulky, lumpy, higher the TREAD of your tires, the slower you will go. Smoother tires, like on the road, work more efficiently and are faster on the Elite Trainer. Practice getting to the maximum speed that you can sustain without “bonking”. But remember, there is still 15 minutes of running after you’re done.
  • 15 Minute Flat, No-Grade Run
    Every Indoor Triathlon USA i55 Course is a no-grade, flat and fast run. Depending on the race location it can be either in or out doors. All courses will have a total perimeter of 100 yards (300 feet) similar to the course below.

Run Course

  • Transitions are “Free Time”
    The time period between completion of the swim leg and beginning of the bike leg is called Transition 1. The time period between completion of the bike leg and beginning the run leg is called Transition 2. Both Transitions 1 & 2 are five (5) minutes each in duration. This is free time that does not count against your race time. For the seasoned triathlete this is more than enough time to get ready for the next discipline however the beginner might still find themselves rushed. So practice your transitions! You will never have to travel far to the next leg of the race. So almost all of your 5 minutes can be used for changing and nutrition. Remember, if you do go over your allotted 5 minutes per transition, time will start to be deducted from your next race leg.
  • Create Your Own Indoor Triathlon USA i55 Course
    The best way to practice any event is to practice on the actual course you will be racing on. With just a little planning you can actually create your own i55 course.
    1. Find a lap pool you are comfortable swimming laps in that will allow you to set up a bike trainer on the pool deck.
    2. Set up your own Elite Qubo trainer on pool deck with your bike securely mounted.
    3. Within a few hundred yards of the pool, using chalk or cones, find a flat area to set up your own Indoor Triathlon USA Run Course. Similar in dimensions to the course above:
    4. Remember the total perimeter of the run course should be 100 yards (300 feet). However it does not have to be 49 yards (147 feet) / 1 yard (3 feet) in each direction like the course above. It can be 100 feet/50 feet in each direction. Just make sure there are a total of 4 turns. Mark each turn with chalk or a soccer cone (they’re inexpensive and easy to find).
    5. Finally, using your watch remember the timing breaks down as follows: Swim – 10 minutes, Transition One – 5 minutes, Bike – 30 minutes, Transition Two – 5 minutes, Run – 15 minutes
    6. Add up how far you went in each discipline and that’s your race total!