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You may scroll down to find all results by age group. Also feel free to download the results in their entirety via the link below.

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The Indoor Triathlon USA Leader Board keeps up to date age group Rankings beginning with the season’s first event. The Leader Board will track all that year’s regular season race results, ranking not just athletes from the same race but against athletes from every Indoor Triathlon USA race in the country.

Want to see how you or somebody you know would rank against another athlete? Take a look at the Leader Board for answers. Want to see how athletes in Chicago fared at the i55 distance versus you and your friends in Portland? The Leader Board will break it down from fastest to slowest with every update.

The Leader Board views all the regular season races not as stand alone events but as a portion of one big national race. The eight (8) 2015 regular season events are:

02/01/15 Portland, OR

02/07/15 Los Angeles, CA

02/15/15 San Francisco, CA

02/22/15 Seattle, WA

02/28/15 Coeur D’alene, ID

03/08/15 Denver, CO

03/22/15 Chicago, IL

The Leader Board rankings is only for the regular season.

Annual Rankings and All-American Honorees will then factor The Indoor Triathlon World Championship results into the final equation.